• PlayStation 4 (Jet Black) with 1TB HDD x 1 (CUH-2218BB01)
    • DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller (Jet Black) x 1
    • PS4 title “God of War™” (Traditional Chinese / English Ver.) Disc version x 1
    • PS4 title “Horizon Zero Dawn™: Complete Edition” (Traditional Chinese / English Ver.) Disc version x 1
    • PS4 title “Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition” (English / Chinese Ver.) Disc version x 1
    • PS4 title “FORTNITE NEO VERSA BUNDLE” (English / Chinese Ver.) Digital version x 1
    • PlayStation Plus 3-month subscription x 1
    • 12 Months Warranty By Sony Singapore
    • An All-New Story: Discover and counter new threats to the metropolis in events set 10 years after Streets of Rage 3
    • New and Returning Fighters: Series veterans Axel, Blaze, and Adam team up with newcomers Cherry and Floyd for a glorious beatdown-fueled return to form
    • Gorgeous Hand-Drawn Artwork: An intricate, neon-soaked envisioning of Wood Oak City brings its districts and brawlers to life through fluid animation and striking designs
    • Evolved Combat: New combo possibilities, risk-reward health recovery, and clever refinements give Streets of Rage fans ample opportunities to rack up killer combos
    • An Electrifying All-Star Soundtrack: Lead Composer Olivier Derivière upholds Streets of Rage’s signature sound while adding new sonic direction with substantial contributions from series composers Yūzō Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima and an East Meets West all-star lineup of contributors
    • Retro Pixel Characters: Embrace your nostalgia by fighting like hell to unlock a dozen pixel characters complete with their original movesets from Streets of Rage 1, 2, and 3
    • Pulse-Spiking Throwback Music: Knock out enemies to timeless songs selected from Streets of Rage 1 and Streets of Rage 2 soundtrack
    • Online and Offline Co-Op: Call friends in for backup and let loose via two-player online and four-player offline co-operative play
    • A Feud-Ending Battle Mode
    • A Relentless Boss Rush Mode: Prove your might against an onslaught from the deadliest opponents in Wood Oak City
    • A Fair Fight for Everyone: Choose from a range of five difficulty settings to suit your play style, whether you’re a newcomer learning your first combos or a hardcore fighter looking for a brutal challenge
    • Over 100 unique and dazzling, each with their own backstories and emblems!
    • Change weapons in a flash with the “Unite Morph” system! Draw shapes to switch between swords, whips, hammers, and more to battle with strategy and flair!
    • Unite Morphs can be more than just weapons! Build hang gliders and bridges to cross chasms, and bounce and blast your way to great heights! Use your smarts as well as your strength to solve puzzles and persevere!
    • Don’t forget—a hero’s true calling is protection! Rescue the citizens you come across and your bravery will inspire them to UNITE UP! For a limited time, of course
    • Your missions will take around the world! Through cities, across the ocean floor, deep in the jungle, and to a host of exciting locations!
    • From 2D to 3D – Witness the rebirth of DEEMO! A full 3D remake of the dreamy picture book world of DEEMO. The PlayStation®4 brings the world of DEEMO to life like never before, inviting the player to experience the story in even more depth! A new Exploration mode allows the player to solve puzzles and unlock all-new stories
    • Music and Exploring – DEEMO -Reborn- consists of two Mode; exploring the castle with the little girl, and rhythm games as you play the pieces as Deemo. Exploring the castle will reveal countless puzzles and switches. Solving these will reward you with new sheet music, and playing those, in turn, will widen your options for Exploring. The music part, one of the best things about DEEMO, offers new playstyles in DEEMO -Reborn-, including difficult songs to learn and play
    • Choose between VR Mode or TV Mode for a wider range of fun! – Deemo -Reborn- also supports PlayStation®VR. Play the approaching notes with two PlayStation®Move motion controllers. Experience the story and music of DEEMO like never before! TV Mode offers an easy way to explore this beautiful world, allowing you to play the new DEEMO with button controls. DEEMO -Reborn- offers a combination of these two approaches that are fantastic each in its way!
  • Language: EN/JP

    Play Arts Kai Cloude Strife and Hardy Daytona box set
    Final Fantasy VII Remake game
    Deluxe Edition Package
    Sephiroth Steelbook Case
    Mini-Soundtrack CD
    Hardback Artbook
    Bonus “Cactuar” Summon Materia DLC

    First released in 1997 on the PlayStation computer entertainment system, FINAL FANTASY VII is universally regarded as a hallmark title of the RPG genre. The original title received high praise for its epic storyline, unique characters, and movie sequences that utilized the most cutting-edge technology of the time. Since then, the game has sold over 11 million copies worldwide and continues to receive widespread acclaim from critics and fans around the world. The popular game has even expanded into spin-offs, films, and merchandise.

  • Nintendo Switch Lite あつまれ どうぶつの森エディション ~たぬきアロハ柄~ (画面保護シート付き)
    Helps to protect from scratches and dirt
    Animal Crossing: New Horizons design theme


    • It can store the Switch console and accessories of it
    • Two large and small separators so you can arrange the spacing as you want
    • Leaf design zipper
    • Animal Crossing themed design
    • Officially Licensed by Nintendo
  • DD Hatsune Miku Carrying Case has come back!

    DD Hatsune Miku Carrying Case has been upgraded & come back in response to many requests of re-release!
    It is very useful not only for Miku events but also for your daily outing♪

    ■Upgraded features:
    ・A handle is added to the side, making it easier to hold vertically.
    ・The side and bottom studs make you feel free to place the bag on the ground♪
    ・Lining of shoulder pad has changed to light gray.


    • Nintendo Switch Standalone Console (XKJ Series, 5 – 9 hrs battery life)
    • Nintendo Switch Dock
    • Joy-Con (L and R) (Joy-Con 3 months warranty by Maxsoft)
    • Joy-Con Grip
    • 2x Joy-Con Straps
    • Nintendo Switch AC Adapter
    • HDMI Cable
    • 1 x Nintendo Switch Game (Value up to SGD$70.00 ) Top up ok
    • 1 x Nintendo Switch Tempered Glass Screen Protector
    • 1 x Nyko Ultra Thin Case
    • 1 x Nyko Joycon Case
    • 1 Yr Maxsoft Warranty
    • Add SGD$40.00 for extra 4 Yrs Store Warranty
    • 3 Hrs Express Delivery add SGD$18.00
    • For order please whats app us at 91059866
  • A spectacular re-imagining of one of the most visionary games ever
    The first entry in a multi-part saga, delivering a level of depth inconceivable for the original game
    Mind-blowing story, unforgettable characters, epic battles and technical excellence collide

  • DDP twins have joined DD Standard Models!

    Ribbon and Coron are very good friends.
    They are always having different opinions and different favorite food, but they are always together.

    Sculpted by: Serika Misaki (ZOUKEI-MURA INC.)
    Outfit Production: VOLKS Doll Design Department
    Eyes: Dollfie(R) Animetic Eyes U Type, Bright Blue (Ruri), 22mm
    Wig: “Coron” Original Style, DD Size
    Head: “Coron” Original Head
    Body: DDP Base Body (DD-f3) / S Bust
    Skin Color: Flesh
    *DDP “Coron” come with a pair of Basic Hands (DDP-H-01). No other hands are included in their set.
    Includes: Doll / Wig / Slip Dress / Panties

  • Size DDS (SS/S Bust Only), DD (SS/S Bust Only)
    Includes Tiara, Hair Accessory (×2), Earrings, Mantle, Detached Collar, Accessory for Collar, Dress,
    Accessory for Dress, Underskirt, Armcovers, Petticoat, Socks, Shoes, Shoe Accessories
    Model DD Snow Miku (SS Bust)

  • *Shoulder bag for more than just your Switch console
    *Fits Switch console, controllers, games, accessories, & more
    *Comfortable padded shoulder strap
    *Mario themed colors & artwork
    *Officially Licensed by Nintendo

  • A crossover between the long-running Doraemon and Story of Seasons series
    Features new characters and well-known characters from the Doraemon series including Nobita
    Work together with everyone to build up your farm and town. Teamwork in plowing the fields to grow crops, keeping of cattle and sheep, conversing with the townspeople, and more!
    The secret gadgets of Doraemon also come into play to help in the journey!

    • Nintendo Switch Standalone Console (XKJ Series, 5 – 9 hrs battery life)
    • Nintendo Switch Dock
    • Joy-Con (L and R) (Joy-Con 3 months warranty by agent~Maxsoft)
    • Joy-Con Grip
    • 2x Joy-Con Straps
    • Nintendo Switch AC Adapter
    • HDMI Cable
    • 12 Months MaxSoft Warranty
    • 3 Hrs Express Delivery add SGD$18.00
    • For order please whats app us at 91059866

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